Buy Any Item Today And Get Free Gold

Glorious Gold is our new turmeric based joint care product.

Having spent months sourcing and blending the very best ingredients we made a HUGE mistake during production.

We added the wrong size scoop to the pack!

This doesn't create a problem with the serving size - in fact loading up on twice the amount of our turmeric rich Glorious Gold could prove to be a great benefit for your joints and well-being. However, by using the supplied scoop you would find the pack doesn't last as long as you might have expected.

It seems such a waste to re-package everything for the sake of a smaller scoop.

So here's how we make the best of it and allow you to take advantage of our problem: buy any one-off item from our store and get a pack of Glorious Gold (worth £23.99) for FREE.

How To Claim

First add a pack of Glorious Gold to your shopping cart. Make sure you choose the 'one-time purchase' option.

Next choose any other item from our store. Again, make sure you choose the 'one time purchase' option.

Your shopping cart will then automatically update, making the Glorious Gold free.